functional and reliable


The proper design of any aircraft takes interdisciplinary knowledge and experience.

The knowledge and experience of Optimum Solutions ensures that the final product is both functional and reliable. Advanced technology and engineering tools are used to ensure the design is robust and meets specifications and requirements.


engineer the fully customized aircraft

Optimum Solutions engineers can go through the entire design process from concept to finished product. The design process begins by defining design constraints and establishing the desired mission profiles. Next, the following steps are taken to engineer the fully customized aircraft:
Optimum Solutions offers truly engineered solutions. Advanced analysis including load spectrum definitions, fatigue, fracture mechanics, damage tolerance, inspection intervals determination, and component life prediction are all engineering solutions that Optimum Solutions can perform.

Loads Analysis.

Calculations of V-n Diagrams, flight loads (maneuver, discrete gust, continuous gust, ground loads (landing, braking, taxing, jacking, and towing) and engine loads (engine torque and gyroscopic loads)

Trim Calculations (Rigid aircraft or flexible aircraft trim analysis)

Perform trim analysis for any state of flight to determine aircraft angle of attack, control surface deflections, load distribution, and calculate aerodynamic efficiency

Performance Calculations.

Reliable estimations for critical characteristics such as endurance, maximum steady level flight, rate of climb, determination of power requirements, etc

Static and Dynamic Stability

Determination of the aircraft?s stability margins using classical flight dynamics and/or advanced computer simulation.
Structural Design, Analysis and Optimization

Design and analysis of structures is performed using advanced composite and metallic structures. Advanced tools, such as finite element analysis, are used to aid in design, analysis and optimization of structural components. Analytical models can be validated using any available test data. Analysis is performed to determine margin of safety for each component. In addition, Optimum Solutions can perform the following tasks:

Some examples of completed UAVs that have been designed by Optimum Solutions are Leonardo and Condor. Other designs are currently in progress, the current status of these designs can viewed at: Archimedes and Bold Viking UAV.