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thermal analysis

Thermal and heat transfer problems constitute a large category of problems in engineering.

Temperature changes encountered by different structures and mechanism in their normal operating conditions may affect their operation.

For example, whenever a sizeable temperature difference exits in a part created from its initial to its final thermal state, consideration to thermal expansion must be taken into account.

An uneven thermal expansion may induce unwanted stress that can cause failure. Finite element analysis can aid in obtaining the temperature distribution from a variety of thermal conditions and modes.

thermal analysis

calculate stresses

From the solution of the thermal analysis a second analysis is run to calculate stresses.

In Optimum Solutions we can help you to accurately get results for the three modes of heat transfer:

  1. Convection
  2. Conduction
  3. Radiation

Under time dependent or independent boundary conditions and heat loads

  1. Steady state thermal analysis
  2. Unsteady or transient state thermal analysis.
Optimum Solutions can meet all your needs for solving the most complex heat problems by using our extensive years of experience and know-how knowledge.